Artifact – Stone Eye

Price: $150.00

Medium: fluorescent pink/orange atomized enamel and graphite on stone
Dimensions: .75″ x 3″ x 2.5″


This piece is from a series of contemporary artifacts that Squire Broel is creating from rock, wood and man-made litter. The found object, painted surface and hand-embellishments form a creative tension around the delicate balance that exists between humanity and the natural world. The eye-like image suggests nature’s perception of that tenuous equilibrium.

This contemporary expression of recording images on stone has historical roots that reach back to the Paleolithic period. Early petroglyphs and pictographs have been uncovered around the globe from Kazakhstan to Yakima, Washington.

Each stone is carefully selected from the banks of Mill Creek in Walla Walla, Washington. They’re colored with atomized enamel and hand-marked with graphite and contè crayon. A thin matte coating has been applied to protect the drawing. Each piece is signed and dated on the underside.