Let’s be Honest…I’m Not a Blogger!

All right, here’s the thing: I’ve been told that my blog is absolutely lame. Actually, I was told it was even worse than that. It’s not been updated since 2007. O.K. I admit it – I’m not a blogger. Maybe I have blogging anxiety. Frankly, I’m not even sure that I like the idea of blogging because it seems to take me a tremendously long time to prepare, write, edit and post my thoughts online. I don’t know why, but it may have to do with my perfectionist tendencies.

However, the outside pressure is greater than the inside pressure, so I’ve decided to make another go at it. To paraphrase Ben Folds, you’ve got to give the people what they want.  I don’t really believe that. Well, maybe a little bit. No. Maybe. Who cares? I do. No I don’t. Maybe I do. Ahhhh.

Don’t check it out everyday.  Keep your expectations low.  Maybe I’ll post something once every few weeks. Don’t always expect it to be the written word, it could be a picture, might even be a blank entry. (I think that technically speaking I’ve “blogged” even if the post is of “nothing”). I may need an outside ruling on that!

My inconsistency will definitely be more consistent from now on. I’ll do better than a once every two-year update. I promise.

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