COVID-19 Housebound Creativity

I know that sometimes the prospect of coming up with an idea or starting with blank page can be overwhelming. As such, I decided to make some line drawings that act as the starting point so you can get down to the business of playing with color.

Play a little bit. Play a lot actually! Engage your imagination. Take a break from thinking about everything that seems pressing and overwhelming at the moment.

Download the coloring page I made for you here (Image 2). Print out a bunch of them so you can really explore and play. Grab some colored pencils, crayons, chalk or paint. (Wine, grape juice, mustard, and things like that can work too!) When you’re done coloring, snap a photo of you with your masterpiece and send it to me in an email or post it on Facebook or Instagram. Let’s be creative together even though we’re apart and isolated.

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