Austrian Arts Conference

After a long journey from Seattle to Munich I finally arrived at Schloss Mittersill in Austria for their summer arts conference. For the next week I will mount an exhibition of new work and conduct a seminar on painting. I’ll be posting new images and written entries throughout the entire conference, so check in from time to time to see and hear about what’s going on over here.

The focus of my seminar is translating external seeing to internal artistic vision. The aim of the seminar is to help others experience new ways of liberating their internal notions into a competent, visual format. We’ll look specifically at formal devices used in painting (color, line, form and design) and will try to develop new ways of using them to infuse a greater personal energy and narrative into the work. My hope is that the participants will feel the freedom and confidence necessary to move beyond the simple “recording” of what they see to the expression of what they feel in the context of what they are see.

Artists (visual artists, musicians, illustrators, writers, etc) from around the world have traveled to this place to find support and encouragement from like-minded souls. The community here is so energetic and welcoming and the atmosphere is quite electric. There is an obvious hunger in all of the attendees to express themselves freely in a safe and accepting community. Schloss Mittersill is that community.

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