An Austrian Exhibition/Reception

Schloss Circle

I was honored to have an opening reception in Austria for the installation of my newest work. With the help of a couple other artists/conference members I was able to create a couple of site-specific pieces that enlivened the historic space and complemented the paintings I had brought from my studio in Walla Walla.

Tom from the Netherlands and Daniel from Austria assisted me in the formation of an installation created from earth and stone which figured prominently in the exhibition. We moved wheelbarrows full of soil and rocks from a nearby meadow and arranged it into a large semi-flat circle on the old wooden floor of the exhibition space in the Schloss Mittersill castle. The piece was lit with a strong spotlight from above. It extended the forms that I have been working with in paintings and glass installations. It also inspired me to continue my thoughts of mortality and my deeper spiritual search.

When the exhibition opened and people filed into the room they were quite unsure how to interact in the space with the large earthen form that impeded the route of normal foot traffic. After a brief time of uneasiness over the unexpected installation the conversations and champagne began to flow which turned the evening into a truly memorable and festive event.

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